Little Flowers Creative Space Workshops

"Creativity is contagious - pass it on!" Albert Einstein

I firmly believe that taking time out to be creative each day, can help to support wellbeing and mind-set. I witness the calm in my own children when they are colouring and drawing and I have seen barriers to learning removed when children at any age and stage are given art materials to explore and experiment with. There is no right and wrong with art. Creating in any form, be it paint, pencils, clay or textiles, is an opportunity to succeed without barriers.

It has been a natural progression to integrate creative workshops into my work.  Despite the current pandemic preventing physical workshops, I have continued to offer ideas and inspiration online and have adapted my retail side to offer families affordable eco-friendly resources to use during time at home,

Creative Space - A place for little minds to be free to explore...

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This year has brought about many changes for our children and it is increasingly apparent that there is a significant rise in stress and anxiety.

It is no secret that the pressures of delivering national curriculum requirements, have sometimes left schools with gaps in resourcing the more creative subjects. I was delighted that focus was given to the wellbeing of children returning to school. Educational settings made space for creativity, we observed children finding comfort and success in creativity – both in the personal expression and in how they related to one another after time apart. 

It is my hope that next year, I will be able to continue with creative workshops and continue to provide for parents and carers who have huge demands placed on them. I want to provide the opportunity for more parents and carers to spend time focusing on their own well-being, developing new skills and getting to know one another in a supportive and friendly environment.

"It's been a long time since I have done any proper drawing, but over the last few weeks I've tried a few things, and treated myself to a new set of shading pencils and coloured pencils Thanks for being an inspiration Rachael"

Emma Hutchinson

What will the Workshops look like?

Good quality art materials that will allow the children and their families to start exploring a wider range of media and immerse themselves in the creative process.

Workshops are guided, but also have plenty of time for exploration. Every session celebrates the success of every individual and work will always be sent home so that successes can be shared. The emphasis will be upon confidence building and leaving the workshop with a sense of achievement.  Parent and carer workshops always include coffee and cake and are an opportunity for talk and support.

What is included:

Adult Classes 

All resources provided

  • Beginners Watercolour Florals
  • Watercolour Techniques for beginners
  • Design and Paint your own Christmas Wreath
  • Cartoon animal Family Portraits using Promarkers
  • Watercolour Illustrated Letters

Family Workshops

All resources provided

  • Eco Crafts – recycled paper bowls
  • Eco Crafts – Sock Snowmen
  • New Skills - Styrofoam Printing