Little Flowers By Night Local Marketplace

Bringing together a local collective of artisan makers... 

Here in the North East, not only are we surrounded by incredible countryside, stunning beaches, historic castles, and cities soaked in culture – we also have an incredibly talented network of artists, craftspeople, creatives and small independent shop owners.

Having attended many markets during my first two years trading, I found them to be a real mixed bag with an enormous amount of planning and preparation involved. As a parent of two small children, I felt that breaking into the virtual market world would be a good move for me and my business – after all, I would not need to write off an entire weekend with my family and instead could sell from my sofa during the evenings when my children are in bed.

I found it extremely difficult to make any in-roads as many virtual markets were booked up months in advance and appeared to feature the same network of sellers each time. They also appeared to be quite themed and did not offer something for everyone.

So I decided to set up my own!

New dates available: 5th and 6th March 2021

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    The North East Marketplace!

    I already knew many local sellers, whose handmade items and small businesses I admired, so I approached them and had a bash. It was extremely important to me to focus on my region as I am passionate about shopping small and supporting my local community. I make a concerted effort to incorporate a mixture of established and brand new businesses – offering training along the way to those who need it and providing support through a Facebook group for sellers. I carefully curate each market to ensure quality and variety and advertise across the North East.

    This is a selection of some of the brands that choose to market through the marketplace - we always ensure that the highest quality suppliers are selected, all with something unique to offer. Featured here: Rainbows by Oh My Pom Pom, Bunny by Beartonborough, Room Scenter by Emily & Evan, Jewellery by Daint Jewellery, Kids Prints by Dotty Black Designs & Coasters by Samantha Lois Illustrations...

    So much more than a North East Marketplace...

     Membership to the Facebook group has now given small North East businesses the opportunity to feature in local publications, be selected for a major department store Pop-up Christmas shop, raise money for local charity and be featured in a virtual christmas brochure - so by joining us you will be getting exposure for yoru business beyond just showcasing your wonderful products!

    Take a look online - like or follow the Little Flowers By Night Market!

    Customer essential info for buying from our market...

    • During the virtual market, a new sellers stall will be posted every 15 minutes
    • If you like something you see, you comment below and the buyer will contact you with payment and delivery details
    • If you love the products of a particular seller, follow them and support their work.
    • Every seller from every sale is recorded in the highlights so that you can find them at a later date
    • Tag a friend or family member if you see something they would like
    • When you buy something, remember to take a pic and post it in your stories, tagging us and using the hashtag #postyourpurchasene so that you can be in with a chance to win £10 credit for the next market

    "The market nights are so well organised and I've had some really good sales from them - I wouldn't hesitate to recommend taking part!"

    Seller Information

    • I charge £6.50 per seller per event
    • You must provide an up to date logo and brief bio.
    • You can send between 3 and 10 images to be featured at the market – see it as a virtual market stall and aim to show off your brand
    • Photos must be annotated with basic info – Cost, P&P, and Item No.
    • 1 Caption must be provided that includes additional details for each item Inc. availability, size, colour, finish options etc.
    • If you want hashtags on your post, you must add them to the caption
    • It is your responsibility to read and respond to all enquiries on both Instagram and Facebook

    Apply to become a seller