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The Power of a Name - How to Choose Your Baby’s Name

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Deciding on your baby’s name can be completely overwhelming, particularly when there are thousands of possible names out there to choose from. The name you choose for your baby will shape their identity, so it is no wonder that you can feel a lot of pressure surrounding choosing your baby’s name. When it comes to choosing your baby’s name, there are several considerations you need to be aware of including your family name, current popular names and the meaning of potential names. Your baby’s name will form a powerful part of their identity, so these are my top tips for choosing a name for your baby.

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The power of a name

Important Considerations when Choosing Your Baby’s Name

5 quick considerations to check before deciding on your baby’s name:

  1. How does the possible baby name sound alongside your surname? Keeping this in mind will help you to pick a baby name that fits your surname so that the whole name flows. For example, you may wish to avoid baby names that rhyme with your surname or are too similar.

  2. Double-check what your baby’s potential initials would spell (if anything).

  3. Contemplate whether you like names that can be shortened, such as Maggie from Margaret. If you opt for a baby name that can be shortened, it is likely to happen, even if you are not the one to call your child by the shortened name. Therefore, if you are not a fan of the shortened name, it might be best to avoid the name and look for another.

  4. Avoid baby names that have negative connotations for you or your partner, for example, if someone you didn’t get on with at school had the same name.

  5. If you already have children, to prevent confusion, avoid naming your baby something that is too similar to the names of your existing children e.g. Ava and Eva.

How to Choose Your Baby’s Name - Exploring Current Trends

When it comes to choosing your baby’s name, their name is a powerful expression of their identity. It is therefore worth exploring current trends when deciding on your baby’s name. Whether you want to opt for a popular name or would rather choose something more unique, either way, it is important to know what the popular names are currently.

The top five British baby names 2021 for girls are:

  1. Olivia

  2. Amelia

  3. Isla

  4. Ava

  5. Mia

The top five British baby names 2021 for boys are:

  1. Oliver

  2. George

  3. Noah

  4. Arthur

  5. Harry

Illustrated name nursery decor

The Power of a Name - Consider the Meaning of Your Baby’s Name 

If you are struggling to choose a name for your baby, try looking at the meaning of different baby names. Finding out the meaning behind the name can be a lovely way to find the perfect baby name. Your baby can take the meaning with them as they live their life and this can be a powerful reminder of what is important and what they are capable of. You can look up the meaning of different baby names here:  

Taking Inspiration from Your Family when Choosing Your Baby’s Name 

Another nice idea for finding inspiration for your baby’s name is to look at your family tree to see if there are any names that jump out at you. Naming your baby after a relative can give your little one a powerful sense of connection to their heritage. 

Alternatively, it can be nice to ask other family members for their ideas if you are struggling to settle on a baby name. But it is important to remember that your baby’s name is a decision for you as the parents, so don’t be swayed into choosing a name unless it is what you definitely want.

Waiting Until After the Birth to Choose Your Baby’s Name 

After your baby is born, you have 42 days to register the birth, which includes detailing your baby’s name (England, Wales and Northern Ireland). As a result of this, there is no pressure for you to decide on a name for your baby before their birth. If you are undecided you can wait until they are born and it is likely that you will think of something once you start to get to know your baby. Even if you have a name in mind, it might be worth waiting to announce the name until after the birth, so that you can see if they suit the name you have chosen.

The Power of Your Baby’s Name 

The name that you choose for your baby will form a powerful part of their identity. To help your baby to learn their name from a young age, consider decorating their nursery with a  bespoke illustration of their name. Having their name on display in their nursery will help your baby to become accustomed to and learn the shapes and letters that make up their name.

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Choosing your babys name

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