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How Does Your Garden Grow

By Jodie James

A nature-story for children, set in the Northumberland countryside!

Deep within the countryside, inside a beautiful walled garden… a collection of dazzling flowers bloom and grow… but what happens when the garden door closes and nobody is watching? Can the plants and flowers learn to grow together nicely, and create the harmony that already exists… in the mysterious ‘meadow beyond the wall’?

A story that is packed with ‘heart’ and inspired by the beautiful walled garden at Wallington Hall, Northumberland. Beautifully illustrated by the artist Rachael Sligo, it is a tribute to the beauty of nature and the inspiration that the natural world can offer.

Nature activities are included, to engage young readers with their surroundings, wherever they may live.

We all need nature!

Available at: The Dragon in the Clocktower Bookshop, Morpeth Waterstones Newcastle Waterstones online Foyles

Prints of Illustrations Available

The Sleep Book - Helping Busy Brains Settle for Sleep

By Aislinn Marek

Sometimes, life is just too exciting and settling down for a peaceful night’s sleep is the last thing a busy brain is ready for.

The Sleep Book follows the story of bedtime and helps busy brains to settle down, relax and look forward to a restful, relaxing night full of wonderful dreams and magical memories.

The Sleep Book has a full set of valuable notes for parents and carers, with practical advice and real sleep science to create a DREAM sequence with techniques proven to effectively help children (and grown-ups) find a little calm and stillness as the settle down to a good night’s sleep.


Prints of Illustrations Available

The 'Happy Being Me' Series

By Alison Blaney-Wombwell

My Autism Journey started over twenty years ago when I was initially diagnosed with anorexia nervosa and anxiety disorder at fourteen. Statistics show that 1 in 5 females who are diagnosed with anorexia are often undiagnosed autistic. Since having my own children I felt I needed answers about myself, why I had always struggled with my mental health, the impulsive and internal hyperactivity which affected me daily and the difficulties I have with social communication. I had spent over twenty years masking who I really was, my stims. my sensory issues, pleasing others to the point of having a breakdown. Happy Being Me is a series of children's books which tell my own and my children's personal story about living with the conditions, often masking who we really are. I want to help children and adults understand that it is okay to ask for help and that it is more than okay to be themselves.


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A Christmas Surprise

By Georgie Mitchell

The Nest Farm Stories - A Christmas Surprise, is a tale about a magical arrival of a very special farm friend "Dash the Donkey ". 'The Nest Farm' is a children's outdoor learning space in Lancashire and all the animals that feature in the story, are favourites down on the farm. This story incorporates farming life, morals and ethics around friendship, kindness and acceptance. The story is set on snowy Christmas Eve while the night sky is full of twinkly stars . Look out for Betty, the farm sheep dog,  Mr Robin and a cheeky little mouse who doesn't miss a thing. Stunning water colour llustrations compliment this exciting Christmas story , giving the little listener something to look at throughout the book; bringing a magical Christmas to life.


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Prints of Illustrations Available

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