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Behind the Scenes - Ordering a Bespoke Commission

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Commissioning a bespoke watercolour painting can seem like an extravagent option, but it is important to understand the process behind the gift in order to see its true value. An original painting requires patience, creativity and technical skill. It's a personal and meaningful way to capture moments that are important to you. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the process behind creating a bespoke watercolour painting.

Step 1: Initial Consultation and Order
The first step in the process is to have an initial consultation. If you have an idea in your head and perhaps you're not sure how it will look in reality, always email me to share your thoughts and ask for advice. Many of my clients contact me before ordering to make sure that I can meet their requirements - this is an important first step. This is an opportunity for you to discuss your ideas and vision for the painting. You can talk about the subject matter, the size and style of the painting, and any other specifications or requirements you may have. This conversation will help me to understand your needs and create a painting that truly reflects your personality and style. 
Step 2: Sketching and Drafting
Once the initial consultation is complete and you have placed your order, I will create a sketch or draft of the painting. This will give you an idea of what the final piece will look like and allows you to make any necessary changes or adjustments. I will work with you until you are completely satisfied with the sketch.
Watercolour Pencil Detail
Step 3: Preparation
Making sure that your painting is perfectly presented is a critical part of the process. I always stretch my watercolour paper, which is a common process used by artists to ensure a flat surface whilst painting. I sketch out your agreed picture onto the stretched paper, ensuring the placement on the paper allows for mounting and framing if required. At this point I also consider the colour theme chosen by the client and prepare my tools.  I use a combination of Daniel Smith watercolours and White Night Watercolours. These paints are very high quality, industry standard and ensure long lasting vibrancy. I use 300gsm textured watercolour paper which I buy locally from a small art shop Lateral Art- I like to support local businesses as much as possible. 
Woodland Lily Name
Step 4: Painting the Final Piece
The final step in the process is to paint the final piece. I work meticulously to create your bespoke watercolour painting. This can take several hours or even days depending on the size and complexity of the painting. I use a variety of techniques to create depth, texture, and colour in the painting. This includes using wet-on-wet, dry-brush, watercolour pencil and ink detail to create a unique and beautiful piece of art. I like to send regular email updates to my clients so that they can see the painting unfolding.
Step 5: Framing and Delivery
Once the painting is complete, I prepare the painting for posting. I mount all of my paintings as standard; it means that regardless of budget, paintings arrive looking completed and beautifully presented. If the client selects to have their painting framed, I then mount and frame in-house so that the painting is sealed and strung ready to hang straight on the wall. I source all my frames locally from The Factory Framing Centre in Newcastle, a fantastic family run business. 
Posting orginal artwork is a delicate operation and must be done carefully to avoid any damage. I always use corner protectors on my frames and I only use recycled or biodegradeable materials when packaging my work. Where possible I use Royal Mail's Tracked and Signed for services but where this is not possible due to size or weight, I use UPS. 
In conclusion, creating a bespoke watercolour painting is a truly unique and special process that requires great care and attention to detail. It's a personal and meaningful way to express your feelings and emotions, and capture moments that are important to you. My aim is that a bespoke watercolour painting can become a beautiful and timeless work of art that you will treasure for years to come.
If you would like to order a painting, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me
Felix WIP

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