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  1. Spending time in nature is beneficial for people of all ages but it is particularly important for children to be close to nature when they are growing up. Through spending time in nature kids will experience a better overall mood, will be less likely to become obese and experience better physical and mental health in general. Whilst it is important for children to spend time in and learn about nature for their own health, it is also important that we teach our children the value of nature so that they can continue to nurture the planet into adulthood. It’s easy to get them learning about nature from a young age with something fun and educational like my Local North East Illustrated Children's Alphabet Book, available soon.

    Children today are not spending enough time in nature

    Many people in the UK today are experiencing a nature deficit. This is not good for anybody but it can be especially harmful for young developing kids. Nowadays you will not have much difficulty getting a child to be quiet as long as you have some sort of electronic device with a screen that they can play games on. You might also risk an outrageous tantrum trying to confiscate an electronic device from a child who does not want to stop playing their game. But despite their tantrums you are doing your child a huge favour by limiting their screen time and encouraging them to spend more time in nature. This situation has become so severe that in 2016, a survey found that three-quarters of UK children spend less time outdoors than prison inmates.

    Why nature is more important than ever for children - the negative effects of excessive screen time


    Children today are more likely than ever before to develop mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. These mental health problems are likely to be partly due to children being presented with a highly warped view of reality through their screens and devices. This is precisely why it is more important than ever for kids to spend time in nature.

    It is now more common than you would expect for children in the digital age to be suffering from digital addiction or Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD). An addiction which, as previously discussed, dramatically increases the probability of obesity and of developing mental disorders. Of course, we have all given our children extra screen time so that we can enjoy the peace and quiet. But if this is happening all of the time, the compulsive internet consumption and continually being deprived of nature could be interfering with their brain development.

    Why your child should be spending more time in nature 

    Simply experiencing the sights and sounds of nature can start to reverse the increased anxiety they might be feeling due to excessive screen time. It might be a slow process to begin with but eventually children can be deconditioned from thinking that nature is boring and that electronic devices are the only way to have fun. It’s especially important to try and show children the fun that nature has to offer from a young age as it only gets harder to get through to them as they get older.

    Plus, if you want another reason to get your kids outside in nature, just think about the good it will do for your bank balance. Electronic devices are typically very expensive items and on top of that you have to pay for a lot of the games on them. But nature is free and it can provide just as much entertainment as an electronic device! You don’t have to pay to listen to the birds, to appreciate the changing of the seasons or to learn about plants and animals. 

    Free Toddler Wearing Gray Hoodie Running on Green Fields Stock Photo

    The physical and developmental benefits of kids spending time in nature

    Spending more time outdoors is great for keeping kids active. This can decrease their chances of becoming obese and experiencing the health consequences associated with this. But it will also have the knock on effect of improving their concentration. We all know how hard it can be to retain the attention of a child who is usually surgically attached to their iPad. Additionally, spending time in nature offers some respite from busy schedules to learn and play at the same time.

    The importance of nature is also demonstrated by the developmental benefits. Children grow their confidence by playing outside as they will become better at making their own decisions. Nature also helps children to develop creativity and a natural curiosity of the world around them. When they are not confined by the rules of an iPad game, they are free to run around, pretend to be something/someone else and essentially just do whatever they want. Spending time in nature is also the best way to teach your child why nature is worth looking after and why they have the responsibility to look after it.

    There is now a fast growing body of evidence to suggest that time spent in nature is linked to healthy physical and mental development in new-borns, and their ability to assess and take risks from a young age. Children who don’t spend much time in nature tend to do most of their learning from screens or from other people. But being out in nature allows them to see things with their own eyes and learn using their own senses. However, perhaps the most valuable trait your children can develop through spending time in nature is resilience. They won’t have all of their usual comforts immediately available to them and will be forced to confront new challenges. This is a valuable life lesson and an aspect of their character that they will be glad to have developed early when they get older.

    Free Two Girls Sitting on Brown Bench Near Body of Water Stock Photo

    Get your kids away from the screens and out into nature! 

    It is more important than ever for kids to be spending less time in front of screens and more time playing outside. Not only for their physical wellbeing but also for their mental health. Try as hard as you can to make playing outside a part of their daily routine or they may never get the chance to learn to respect and connect with nature. If we can teach our kids to respect and value the natural world around them then they are much more likely to want to protect it when they grow up.

    Teach your children about nature with my fun Local North East Illustrated Children's Alphabet Book, which celebrates the beauty of the North East countryside. Join the waiting list to be the first to hear when the book is released!

  2. So you are on the hunt for the perfect baby shower gift with no clue where to start - worry no more! I have compiled a list of the ultimate baby shower gifts to help you navigate through endless options and ads. With so much choice available it is hard to know what to get and to find the perfect balance between useful and thoughtful gifts. 

    It helps to think about your relationship with the parent and how you can find the perfect gift that suits their personal wants and needs, to help you narrow down your search. A growing trend in recent years has been baby shower gifts that aren’t just for the baby, they are for the parents too!

    5 Ultimate baby shower gifts for the baby 

    When buying for the baby, it is always best to stick to something either practical or cute - or better yet, both. If mum-to-be has not already made a list of what she wants or needs, check out our recommendations below!


    1. Wall decor for the nursery can be a sweet gift that is not only functional but personalised as well like this Fairy Themed Girl’s Bedroom Wall Decor which is designed and painted from scratch. Bespoke Rainbow Nursery Art is another option, which will help the new family start making their house a home and it even comes in compostable packaging!

    name illustrations

    1. Baby Keepsake Boxes are really useful for keeping your important items safe. Whether it’s birth certificates, photos or records like the baby's weight and handprints, a keepsake box is the perfect place to keep your memories so that you can cherish them forever.

    1. Next on the baby shower gift list are personalised gifts, such as this Fingerprint Keepsake Brown Bunny Print, which makes the perfect record of the baby shower.

    fingerprint prints

    1. For a baby shower where you might not know the parents as well, it is always a good idea to focus on the essentials such as this Babyblooms personalised baby bathrobe with Luxury Hooded Baby Towels

    2. Finding a gift that is not just functional but adorable as well is essential! A cute reusable baby dribble bib like this Safari Spot Print Baby Dribble Bib Multipack is really useful and you can pick a pattern that matches the personality of the family. Help mum put her baby to sleep with a beautiful Organic Muslin Cotton Swaddle Blanket which makes for a great gift with multiple uses and lots of adorable designs!


    5 Ultimate baby shower gifts for mum

    Many people will probably focus on the baby, so it can be nice to make sure the parents are not forgotten! Why not get the mum something she can use not only once the baby arrives but also before and after? We all know that self-care is hard to come by for mums which is why your pampering gift will be much appreciated during such a difficult time.


    1. It can be hard for mums to feel stylish whilst chasing the little ones around but over at KeriKit England they have the perfect baby changing bags. Our favourite is this Joy XL Texas Tan Leather Backpack, it’s not only functional and sustainable but fashionable as well!

     texas tan bag

    1. Presents that help new parents feel less stressed and sleep-deprived so that they can enjoy more time with their little ones are always a good idea. You can never go wrong with a bath set and pampering gifts, like an eco-friendly Lush Deep Sleep Bath Bomb Set sure to help mum-to-be unwind. This classic Body Shop Honey and Milk Duo also makes a great addition to your main gift especially if your main gift is for the baby.


    1. Why not help the parents with the baby shower event itself and gift them something to help them remember this special occasion forever with this Fingerprint Hedgehog Guest Book Print handmade and personalised! You could give mum a great way to let everyone greet the new baby with a Personalised Birth Announcement Sign that they can keep forever.

     birth announcement sign

    1. Mood lights with cry sensors are a godsend for new mums! Ollie the Owl Rechargeable Light and Sound Sleep Aid is adorable as a cuddly toy or a soft lamp. When the sleep-aid hears a baby crying it will automatically play soothing sounds to get the baby sleeping again. It’s not a cure-all for sleepless nights but it definitely goes a long way in helping mum and dad in the early years.


    1. This beautiful Mama Hug Deluxe Birth Box comes with functional but pampering gifts for mum such as a de-stress roller ball, body butter, caffeine-free tea and more!

    mama hug

     Gift your loved ones the ultimate baby shower gift for 2022

    Remember that having a baby comes with all sorts of stresses and there is nothing more stressful than being overloaded with a bunch of toys and clothes that the baby won’t use or will grow out of quickly. When buying for the baby, make sure it is as practical as it is cute and when buying for mum make sure it relieves stress not adds to it! Prints, cards and other arts and crafts gifts are always a sure-fire way to give a gift from the heart that serves not only as a present but as a memory as well.

    Browse our range of nursery illustrated name art baby shower gifts here.